MOKSH pool allocates its rewards to support medical care for children and young adults in developing countries, utilizing a non-profit platform known as Watsi ( . Watsi is a pioneering healthcare crowdsourcing platform that allows individual donors to directly finance medical treatments for individuals in developing countries who lack access to affordable healthcare.

Taking inspiration from Charles Hoskinson, who customarily funded a Kiva loan at the conclusion of his AMA sessions, MOKSH has embraced a similar and impactful approach through Watsi. MOKSH selects a patient on Watsi and commits to fully funding their medical care, covering the entirety of the required amount or the remaining target sum. The choice of Watsi as a partner in this philanthropic endeavor is driven by the platform's commitment to transparency, providing clear insights into the patients' conditions and the progress of their treatments.

Please visit MOKSH's Watsi profile to see all the patients we have supported, including updates to their medical care.

Since its inception, MOKSH stake pool has helped 72 families and donated $18,468 to fund their medical care. 

A huge thank you to all our delegators!!